The use of assessment centers is especially recommended for purposes of recruitment, career development, promotion or succession planning.


The Assessment Center as an HR tool Accurate competency mapping requires participants able to be themselves and show their potential through relevant exercises. Such ability is necessarily based on a relationship of trust and a meeting of minds with the consultant. Under these conditions, participants will develop enough openness to look at their strengths and points for development. Moreover relevant exercises will provide the opportunity to identify and assess accurately the desired competencies.


• Maximum line manager integration into the process To make assessment results more recognizable, we propose, as an option, to actively involve an executive or a member of the management team into the process (as a co-assessor), obviously subject to availability. This will boost the buy-in for the final advice.


• Flexibility and customization We avoid “standard solutions”, as we strive for a diversified approach geared to the profiles to be screened. For this reason, we identify a number of different competencies at the preparatory stage and, wherever needed, we adapt assessment exercises to match the profile.