Provided with extensive feedback, participants gain improved understanding of their own performance. This boosts self-management and the individual’s ability to co-steer his/her own development.


Feedback gives management a better insight into the potential of participants. They thus acquire enough information to determine the participant’s career outlook and training program. The development path can be laid out further accordingly. ​


The program cannot be fully determined before the preparatory stage is over. A number of features below may be part of the process: Development exercises, MBTI profiling, drawing up a PDP, and transferring what has been learned to the organization.

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“I would describe Gert as authentic, people-oriented, pragmatic, disarming and dynamic. This passionate coach knows how to put people in motion. He always succeeds in helping people to discover something about themselves. Motivating people to reflect on their talent development process seems to be his mission.”

Leny Wellens, HR Manager CTAC