Personal coaching

The last ten years I have seen many people seeking answers to questions regarding their work and private lives. In the absence of external support, some of them begin to find themselves at a dead end. Often help is not forthcoming because no budgets have been allocated to meet their needs.


Therefore I have decided to allocate 20 per cent of my time as a specialist n coaching and development to private individuals or to people working in the non-profit sector.

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People come to me with highly varied issues:


​• Actually I have been dissatisfied with my situation for some considerable time.

• Professionally I have arrived at a dead end, but there seem to be few opportunities at hand.


• I find it very hard to say no, I do not dare to confront others, fearing that it would damage relationships.


• I have been feeling listless for a long time; I have no energy left for other things.


• At work, the situation is very stressing; I can’t be myself.


• My current supervisor doesn’t have a clue how he should manage my colleagues and myself. Meetings always drain such energy that I am exhausted when I come home. Even if I wanted to tell him that, I wouldn’t know where to start.


• With the economic situation and the less stable conditions in my company I live in constant fear. I would like to submit proposals. However, I do not want to get myself ‘in the picture’. Imagine that my ideas again get short shrift from the management committee.


• As a woman I don’t have much appetite for getting myself in the rat race for this management position. If those in charge believe I am not the best choice for the job, it will be their loss. Anyway, I am happy now with the balance between work and home. However, deep down, I feel a real lack of intellectual challenges. ​


Walking along a short distance with people who struggle with questions like these is a privilege for me, it gives me energy. This brings us directly to my core principle:




Let your energy flow


“​​After months of uncertainty over the career path I should pursue, I consulted Gert. His clear insights and talent to get to the heart of the problem brought about a most satisfactory outcome: not only has excessive tension been removed from my daily life, but I have also made a most welcome career change.

David, Project Manager