Talent Management

We see Talent management as a complementary policy tool to competence management. In talent management we start from the individual person and try to discover which talents the person has. Consequently we examine in which way the person can optimally contribute in the realisation of the misson & values of the organisation. We are convinced that  in contrast to competence, there is no exact list of talents. An individual approach is mandatory.


Here is a definition of ‘talent’ we like:


‘Talent is a person’s characteristic, with the potential to quickly bring about exceptional performance in the right context. ‘


Additionally we like to apply the insights of, among others, Luk Dewulf, as formulated in his book:“ ik kies voor mijn talent” (I choose my talent)


Over and above policy support, GB & Ass. generate added value by mapping and identifying people’s talents, based on a specifically individual approach. We hereby offer a targeted, structured process supporting individuals in the discovery of their talents.