Team coaching and process support

(change process, conflict situations, etc.)

Our team coaching mainly involves the following questions:


“What is the undercurrent here? How do I formulate learning questions for this team? Who is in charge here? How can I help this group improve their communication? How do I help them to dispel distrust? What systems are being maintained unconsciously?" 


​We coach and support teams effectively and purposefully, inviting them to engage in further development with respect to communication, effectiveness with reduced tension and durable success in mutual cooperation. Team coaching programs range from specific, targeted interventions to devising a year program.


Team coaching references are available on request, both from operational and senior management sources.


“We were looking for someone who would assist us in developing further our Sales Team (15 people). Gert was perceived as a coach rather than as a trainer in this respect; he mainly used the assets of our salespeople to reinforce them both individually and as a team. Through the exchange of everybody’s qualities and pitfalls the salespeople were enabled to apply their existing know-how in their own way. Sensitivities and underlying emotions were met head on as well. Gert operated as a confidential counsellor who made our people grow through challenges and who made them face issues respectfully, with empathy. Because our people found these individual and team sessions most pleasant, I see that our people are still implementing the insights gained in their daily work.”

Frank Wellens, General Manager of Belisol Kempen.